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Tippmann Sierra One Review

Tippmann Sierra One Review:
Introduction to Tippmanns Sierra One marker.

Sierra One is the best starter marker for anyone looking to dive into scenario woodsball. It’s a simple internal marker with loads of upgrade possibilities plus it looks hard core right off the shelf. The Sierra includes an AR15 style six position folding and collapsible stock and an AR15 style shroud with four picatinny rails for great customization for add-ons. This marker features that sweet realistic appearance and comes with a decent 11 inch quick thread stock barrel, removable and adjustable front and rear sights, a stainless steel gas line, and proven high performance in-line bolt system. If you looking to give the Sierra One some intense firing capabilities, it’s compatible with 98 Custom Response Trigger, and you can outfit it with the Flatline Barrel. I would suggest the Response Trigger to bring this great economical marker up near the level of the X7!

Here is a list of the Features:
•    All aluminum die cast receiver
•    11 inch Quick Thread barrel (Tippmann 98 threads)
•    AR style barrel shroud with four picatinny rails
•    Picatinny flattop rail
•    AR style collapsible and folding stock
•    Stainless steel gas line
•    Proven high performance in-line bolt system
•    Compatible with 98 Custom Series Response Trigger Kit and 98 Platinum Series Flatline Barrel
•    Compatible with Bravo One/Alpha Black Egrip Kit and Cyclone Feed Upgrade Kit
•    Removable and adjustable front and rear sights
•    Front sling mount
•    Sub 3 pound trigger pull
•    Maintenance pack includes allen wrench set, spare tank o-ring, lubricant, cleaning cable and approved barrel plug.

Taking a closer look:
Unboxing the marker you’ll find it is basically the exact same marker as the Bravo One but is a lot lighter in weight, several tweaks in the design, and a different body.  The top of the marker has a long Picatinny Rail going the full length of the marker providing plenty of room for a sight. The barrel shroud is great with plenty of room for laser, lights, etc. The butt stock is longer than the Bravo One and folds!  The sights are good, I didn’t much like the sights on the Bravo One. It would have been cool if they used a black gas line instead of the stainless steel.

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All in all I would highly recommend the Sierra One marker for anyone looking for that tough as nails marker that looks like it could kick ass, and with the E Grip- it could! The marker looks great right off the shelf, easy to clean and maintain, loads of upgrades and add-ons. If your looking at the Tango- don’t buy it. If you looking at the Bravo One- don’t bother-save your money. Get the Sierra One!

*Note: the Sierra One is called Project Salvo in the USA.

Laser Sight 100X Extreme

Grenade Launcher Kit for Tippmann® 98® (Marker NOT included)

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